MOTHERTONGUE is an open collective in which hundreds of women have written and performed their life experiences since 1976. We are a grassroots organization founded in the belief that women find strength and joy in telling truths to one another.

MOTHERTONGUE performances dramatize women’s sweet and sour survival experiences in a collage of dialogues, poems, stories, songs, and one-liners read by five to seven collective members. Through historical, political, and emotional lenses, nearly 50 scripts explore the force of feminism in women’s lives. Each performance includes a discussion with the audience, from whom new perspectives and material are derived. New ideas and work are constantly being developed and performance pieces are repeatedly revived and updated.


The Mothertongue archives, including past scripts, are housed in the GLBT Historical Society Archives, open by appointment, at 989 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 777-5456 | glbthistory.org

This website was developed thanks to the generous contribution of beloved Mothertongue member Ruth Michaels with the encouragement and help of her granddaughter Claire.