What is Mothertongue

The members of Mothertongue self-identify as women working for respect and equality for all women and consider feminist process the most powerful way to channel our rage, our values and our creativity. We remain open to all self-defined feminists across class, color, racial, ethnic, age, sexual orientation and cultural lines.

Our non-hierarchical grass roots process is one of skill-sharing, growth, and self-empowerment. Most of us do not have training as writers or actors. Instead we are women who believe that our power and impact emerge from telling our stories. We work together to bring out the best in the material, in ourselves and in each other.

In our early years our membership swelled to about 50-60 women. Today we are about 10 active members whose ages range from 50 to 85 and we are primarily lesbian. Our members, although reduced in number, continue to find joy in our relationships with one another, our communication with our audience and in our shared commitment to the advancement of feminist ideals.


Top photo from Mothertongue Readers at Lavender Seniors 11/16/2018
by ©Sandy Morris