What We Do

Business Meetings
We hold monthly business meetings on the third Sunday of every month to check in with each other and hear progress reports on upcoming events, performances and scripts. We may also set aside time for writing. Here too there is always a potluck.

Member Writing Days
Three to four times a year we set aside a day for writing. We check in and then do several timed writing sessions, using topics or prompts suggested by the participants. Of course there is also a potluck.

Weekend Retreats
We hold weekend retreats about once a year to have fun, to rest and rejuvenate, reconnect and write. We also use this time to talk about issues facing the membership and the organization and plan for the future.

Script Development
A script begins when we choose a topic. Topics develop out of check-ins, member concerns, or even current events. When there is enough juice we form a script group which works together to write, choose and order the pieces for the script. This dynamic and often messy process may take weeks or, more often, months to complete, culminating in several weeks of rehearsals prior to the booking date.

Performances arise when we reach out to or are contacted by an interested organization or individual. Together we decide on a theme, a time and place. We may reuse old scripts or develop new ones, according to the needs of the booking and other considerations, such as how quickly we need to put it together. Performances usually involve 3 to 6 readers and last 20 to 45 minutes followed by a group discussion. During the discussion we invite audience members to share their own experiences and reactions to issues raised in the script. If you’d like to request a performance click here and fill in the contact form. Be sure to tell us about your group and possible topics of interest. They can be topics we’ve already explored or other issues of interest to your group.

Writing the Stories of our Lives
Choosing a theme, putting pen to paper, avoiding self criticism, valuing what we write, telling truths, giving and making use of helpful and supportive feedback.

Developing a Script for Performance
How to develop a script using group process and collaboration,. We cover ordering the pieces, blocking, and reading aloud with feeling.

For more details Download Handbook